Seraphim Returns! And News about That

Hello again, dear readers!

A year and ten days later, Seraphim returns. If you’ve been waiting all this time, thank you! If you’re new, well, you can expect new content now! It’ll be once a week or so, on Thursdays.

This years has been a roller-coaster, if roller-coasters mostly went downward. In terms of my health, it’s been mostly downward. I’ve made some very special friends this year, and rekindled my love of tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve helped co-write about a quarter of a million words, but my drawing had really been a source of stress.

So, going forward, Seraphim’s going to be progressing slowly. For the next few months, at least, it will updating once a week, alternating between ToL and ToC. In that time, as I’ve been struggling with the last year, I’m reconsidering how I want to tell the story.

Drawing the comic pages is stressful for me. There’s an expectation I put on myself for a level of quality I simply don’t have the experience yet to achieve. I wonder if it’ll be that I get the spark again, that passion for drawing this story, or if it will return to how it was at the end of last year, where I no longer wanted to work on it.

Seraphim’s script is written like a story, a work of fiction. It’s definitely written for me, as I never expected someone else to read it. Could it be fun, perhaps, to continue writing Seraphim instead of drawing it? Would you read Seraphim if it was in the form of a fantasy novel? With drawings as I feel them?

I’ve had a friend who’s an editor suggest I publish the story for it, and it really made me think.

If you’re a new or long-time reader, please tell me what you think! Would you only read Seraphim if it’s a comics? Would you prefer not to get updates for a couple of months, and then get a bunch of pages, or a chapter together? Would you read a “book” of Seraphim? Would you read the comics if it was black and white? Rougher drawing style?

I’d love your opinion!

To all of you who are returning; thank you! Thank you so much. To all of you who continued to support me on Patreon, thank you so much! It means the world to me.

Happy new year! May this be the year where things fall into place, and we have the health and the joy to be us.