ToL #1 04: The Boy Who Loves

Poor sir knight, stuck with this klutz…

Well, Obama won. I’m in Canada, so it’s less important here, but it is still important. I read a book that compared the Canadians view of the States to the Vancouverites’ view of mt. Baker, off in the distance: The book said that’s how many Canadians see the States; a slumbering vulcano, massing and visible in our day-to-day lives, dormant, but still powerful. Each day Vancouverites see mt. Baker they just silently hope it will stay dormant just one more day. It’s an interesting way of putting it, and I feel it is true.

I hope Americans on both sides will accept the results with grace and dignity. And remember, it’s actually really good that you don’t agree with something. It means you live in a democratic country where not agreeing with your leaders is not only ok, but you can do so freely and without fear. Remember, oh please remember not to take that for granted.