Anat News for August!


A lot has been going on in my life lately. I’ve realized that my current career path was not conducive to my health and am looking to grow and change and find something better. I’ve been

That red thing is the tip of my cowboy hat.

At the Hopcott’s Corn Maze. Or should I say Corn Maize? That red thing is the tip of my new, silly red cowboy hat.

learning a lot about myself and learning a lot about who are my friends. It’s usually during times you’re going through something difficult that you learn who’s willing to put the minimum effort in. I’ve been trying to reach out to new friends, with mixed results. I’ve never been good at making friends. It’s never been something that came naturally to me. Heck, I had to teach myself how to be a part of a conversation, and how to have my voice heard. I never had a lot of friends, and sort of stayed home alone during those formative years where one usually learns how to interact with others. So now I’m trying new things, new people and new approaches. I want to have friends, and I want to give my all to those few who have chosen to put the effort into being my friend in return.

Wow. What a cheerful start, huh? Heheh…

But let me assure you all that I’m well and pretty healthy, and that the comic will continue to be told. I know I don’t have a lot of readers, but know as you read Seraphim that you’re looking into parts of me, and those parts are really important to me, so thanks for being a part of it.

/shakes head to clear it

What else has been going on?


I’ve started teaching a miniatures painting class locally (Burnaby, British Columbia), so if you’re around take a peek at it! We’re still getting into the swing of it, but the kind folk at Ages 3 and Up at Lougheed mall have been everything accommodating. Next class is looks to be happening on September 13th, and I’ll post the details once they’re finalized. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll┬áconsider attending!

Summer has been lovely here in Vancouver and I’ve been using the fact that I’m unemployed to enjoy it. We’ve been going places and doing things and it’s been really great! I’ve been catching up on much needed sleep and rest and gaming. Persona 4 Golden is an amazing game and everyone who loves a good, vast RPG should play it. It’s so rare to find mature, intelligent games, and this one is one of the best. I should do an entire blog post about it! But as you might have noticed I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing. Whenever I sit down to write something like this update here I think “Who cares?” so I think of writing some review of a game or book or movie, or my opinions about something and then I think “Wow! I’m a huge fart!” and then I don’t end up writing anything.

So yeah. Expression in general doesn’t come easily to me. Unless it’s in art. I mean, if you had ever read any of my (Lunarblade Valentine) fanfiction on you’ll know I spew out tons of words there!

Just thought I’d update ya’all on my goings on.