Digging Through Old Art #1: The One that Missed, 2010

For the next few weeks I’m pulling out a secret weapon- crappy old art!

Below are never-before-seen by the public pieces of three year old art. I went to a fantastic local (Vancouverite) Introduction to Comics course in 2010. It was taught by the amazingly talented Steve Rolston (he’s responsible for the art in The Escapists and Queen and Country to name a couple). He taught me a lot of fantastic stuff there that you can really only learn from an industry professional. Then I went and squandered all he taught me and made Seraphim.

But anyway, we had to draw a final project with traditional mediums; bristol, blue pencil and inks. I even had to hand-letter! At first, when I finished my my first few letters I looked at my work and thought, “gee! This isn’t half bad!” and then I saw the others’ work and realized that I should NEVER hand letter again. I can blame it on the fact that English is my second language, but we all know the truth, don’t we?

So here it is, The One that Missed. It’s based on a short story of my creation and I think it’s pretty cute for what it is. I put a lot of sweat and blood into it and never really did anything with it.  I decided to post the rough versions of the pages here, including the trim and bleed lines, ’cause I think it has a bit more heart that way.

Hope you enjoy!