Anat’s Blog

Anat’s two cents are here. If there’s one thing I’m full of, it’s opinions about things. Note that as these are my opinions, they may offend some people or rub you the wrong way.
You’ve been warned!

4 Responses to Anat’s Blog

  1. Nina says:


    This is one of the two girls that chatted to you as you hastily ate your sandwich at VCAF this morning! Hope the rest of your day was awesome. Let me know your Tumblr name, mine is Tricksparrow! :D:D

    • Anat says:

      Heya! So glad you’re here!
      My Tumblr is clouwindwing. I don’t “tumbl” well yet, but I do reblog cool things here and there and I definitely reblog art tutorials and helpful things like that.
      Hope you like the comics! Lemme know what you think!

  2. Rob Shauf says:

    Hey! met you at Vancaf. We chatted about Manga Studio for a bit! it was nice to meet you! I was clicken through a bit, i like your stuff!

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