About the Author

Anat is an immigrant to Canada, now a proud citizen living in Vancouver, BC. She moved to Canada from a faraway country across the seas. Anat can be recognized by her small voice, small stature and horrible love of puns and plays on words.

As much as Clou is different, he is also very much her.

I can be reached via the following methods:

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About Seraphim

Seraphim in its current form is a far stretch from where it was when it started. The story and some of the characters are over 16 years old in her head. It started as an RP character she was playing (And to some capacity still is). It was this character, Clou, that helped motivate a lonely, conflicted young woman to reach for her dreams and carve a life for herself.

The story had to change a lot to fit into a webcomic format, and it’s still growing and evolving.

The Greatest Thanks

I would first like to extend my deepest love to my husband, whom without I don’t know where I would be right now. He is my moral compass, he is my chill-pill. He is my loveliest.

He is also Gilad. 🙂

Next I would like to extend love and gratitude to my dear long-time friend, Effie, who, although far away, keeps being my friend. He helped shape a teenage Anat into the woman she is today, and is in part responsible for the creation of Clou, Becker and the world of Seraphim as he is today. He is also a fantastic guy who I wish all the best in the world to.

You know who you are, you Nerk, you.

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