ToL #3 08: Bittersweet

ToL #3 08: Bittersweet

Umm… What was THAT?

Also Berge, you’re kind of a dick.
And no, Clou didn’t notice those things coming out of his brand.

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4 Responses to ToL #3 08: Bittersweet

  1. Stig Hemmer says:

    A kind of a dick? I’d say he is an archdick! I really hope Clou starts understanding that now.

    A have a couple questions about brands. Clou’s options are limited because he is branded. Gilas’ are limited because he is NOT branded. Is this a sign of changing times or something else?

    I understand that there are lots of things you can’t say without spoiling things though…

    Clou must serve the church, could he have been a priest? (or minister/reverend/vicar/whatever these people choose to call themselves in that time and place)

    He seems like a more natural priest than knight, to put it mildly.

    • Anat says:

      This will be explained in the comics, but I don’t mind answering this here, even if shortly: In the 1400’s a branded person must serve the church. The knights are a division of the church. I agree that Clou would have been much better suited as a priest (“Sunner”), but circumstances conspired against him. I get more into this later. 🙂
      In Gilad’s time the church is much weaker as people become more secular, so they’ve opened orphanages to try and find kids who might get branded and swell their thinned ranks after the war. So those few who do get branded are taken for squires, but those who aren’t are often made into White Guard. I hope that gives a bit more information without spoiling too much! I can go on with this topic for hours. 😀

  2. Jarin says:

    Bwaha, found the RSS feed. Is there a link hiding around the site somewhere? Had to look up the default WordPress feed URL. <.<

    • Anat says:

      I admit I’m complete derp when it comes to RSS! I don’t understand how it works or anything. However, you’re the second person to ask for it, so I should probably learn. I’ll look into it!

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