ToL #9 Sunrise: Page 7

ToL #9 Sunrise: Page 7

Becker’s trying to understand what the hell happened here. Also, he just woke up and he’s already bossing people around. Seriously Becker, you need to learn to relax!

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2 Responses to ToL #9 Sunrise: Page 7

  1. fenec250 says:

    The last bubble is a bit confusing. “And you, if I find you’ve wronged him…”. In the last bubble Bekker was speaking to Clou, it would be natural that “you” is Clou and “him” is the medic, but that doesn’t make sense with the story.

    “And you, if I find you’ve wronged my squire…”
    “And you, stranger, if I find you’ve wronged him…”

    These wording would be less ambiguous.

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