ToL #8 Endless Night: Page 31

ToL #8 Endless Night: Page 31

That answers that question.

Seriously, that trope always bothered me. The hero comes to save the person who has been kidnapped, but they’d rather be “honourable” than actually make sure the person they care about is safe. I always felt they cared more about themselves than those they’ve come to save, when they do that. It might be cold, or cruel, but I’d rather deal with the guilt of dishonour than the death of the person most important to me.

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2 Responses to ToL #8 Endless Night: Page 31

  1. fenec250 says:

    Nice! Clou is growing up.

  2. professorParsec says:

    That’s right! Honour doesn’t matter more than a person’s life.

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