ToL #6 14: Sunset

ToL #6 14: Sunset

Borias’ mind’s-eye-theatre.

Don’t piss off the guy who owned you last time.

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5 Responses to ToL #6 14: Sunset

  1. Packbat says:

    Ahhh, self-righteous idiocy. I think Clou’s strategy is probably the best one – I expect Borias isn’t listening.

    • Rattley says:

      When you are the type of person that always sees themselves as the victim and you’re a massive d**k then “good listener” probably isn’t on the assured short list of positive traits.

      Also, do the letter show gray on a white background for you? I’m using chrome and this wasn’t the case before.

      • Anat says:

        The fonts are always just a touch under complete black, and the balloon is a touch not white. If the fonts are coming off very grey you might have your screen’s brightness (or application specific brightness) too high.
        There are screen calibration sites that you can go to and they take you through the calibration process. Most of them are free.

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