ToL #4: 22 Grace Glides on Blistered Feet

ToL #4: 22 Grace Glides on Blistered Feet

Today (December 26th, 2013) is the ten year anniversary of my husband and I. Holy crap. He makes me a better, kinder person. He teaches me something new about me every day and he knows exactly what makes me smile or laugh. He knows all my buttons and all my faults, but he loves me anyway.

Let me tell you; I am NOT an easy person to live with. I couldn’t possibly live with someone just like me. Too… “Hard”. I come from a hard place and a hard family and I’m a very hard person. I’m analytical and judgmental and impossibly stubborn. But it’s ok, ’cause he’s not perfect, neither. 😉

I love him, though, and he loves me. And you know? That’s a really big deal for little lonely me.


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One Response to ToL #4: 22 Grace Glides on Blistered Feet

  1. Rebeccq says:

    Whoa intense! What a plot twist! Good juxtaposition for the smile/he’s a monster panel.

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