ToL #4: 20 Grace Glides on Blistered Feet

ToL #4: 20 Grace Glides on Blistered Feet

Go away, silly Clou.

Also, that’s Siah-Sing. Some people get their brands in strange places. In her case, it’s on her FACE. Hard to deny that she’s branded. She’s lucky it’s a white one!

It’s not that there aren’t black-branded knights, and in all honesty black-brands are not as rare as all that! All black-branded knights have a hard time, but at least they usually have a family to back them. Better a black brand than no brand at all.

Also, women are in the Order at this period of history, but not many. There’s about one women in each generation, on average. There were two in Becker’s, and none in Clou’s. There’s one a couple of years younger, and that’s about the sum of current women in that outpost of the Order. There are several hundred knights, only a few dozen of them are branded (knight-superiors). It’s about one in 20 ratio or even less, I guess.


Edit: Fixed the spelling of the word “essey”. Thanks Jade!

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