ToL #2 01: Black as Ink

ToL #2 01: Black as Ink

New chapter: Black as Ink.

For record (I’ll have to put a whole page regarding this sort of thing…) Clou’s name is pronounced Clow, like crow. It is not  pronounced “Clue”.

It so happens (by design) that these two chapters start at the same time (Black as Ink and Gilad’s White as Fate), but it is unlikely to continue to happen, especially on purpose.

The company I work for is moving! It’s exciting. I’ve worked at a lot of places across my relatively short career. Some with more luck than others. But I’ve never really been employee #12 of anywhere that has grown and taken shape and I can really see it become a company of note. It’s an interesting and exciting experience.

Hope the uncoming winter is pleasant for you, and I hope the holiday season is full of cheer. 🙂

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