ToL #2 05: Black as Ink

ToL #2 05: Black as Ink

If I had a dime for each time I’m going to write 2012 on things…

Woo! A shirtless 16-year-old.

I watched Rise of the Guardians in the theatre, and I have to say I loved it (as the Gilad/Jack Frost cross over for Christmas showed!). I thought it was so very imaginative, and didn’t try to be too… religious-ee. I thought Jack Frost was adorable, and I was so amused he looks so much like Gilad! Seeing as Gilad is about 9 years old now (since character inception, he’s 15 in the comic đŸ™‚ ), I’m not worried that I’m stealing anything.

I hope you’re enjoying the comic!

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