ToL #2 02: Black as Ink

ToL #2 02: Black as Ink

Chok is the sound of chalk. And since it is in the only SFX font my hand can produce, is the only hand-drawn SFX thus far.

I’ve been playing a ton of Minecraft again. I really like that game. I always have these grand schemes to make beautiful, majestic and graceful homes, and I always end up with a bloody doom fortress with lava coming out of it somewhere. What I like about the game the most is that it is a ‘make your own story’ sort of games. If you hop over the blog section, you can read my massive rant about game design. This game has both of the things I personally think are the most important in a game; meaningful choices and emotional connection. Without a plot or a structure, the game immediately invests you in your own survival, and later in your attachment to your perceived achievements. That creates a story that is unique to your play experience, and further increases emotional attachment. Brilliant! I love it.

What I’m trying to say is that Minecraft is really fun and you should play it.

I’m on a friend’s server right now, playing with the 37 mods that come with Feed The Beast. I’m finding the idea of the electric and power-based add-ons super fun, ’cause once I’ve built my doom fortress I still feel I have so much to do and a real reason to continue exploring all those painful tunnels right under my fort.

Ooh! I’ll try to take a sexy screenshot of my fortress and post it!

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