ToL #1 02: The Boy Who Loves

ToL #1 02: The Boy Who Loves

Really outdid himself…

Well, this is the second post (don’t worry, I’ll stop counting until and interesting number comes up).

I’m working on a buffer right now, hoping I can maintain a two-page-a-week pace. It’s a ravenous beast that must always be fed… Reminds me of how Terry Pratchett describes the press in ‘The Truth’ (love that book). I was considering drawing a few pages and doing a stream, but considering how far ahead I draw, I suppose it would be a bit spoilery. How do other webcomics do it? Do they just draw the next one? Do that have no buffer? What if I get sick, or– or! (Anat is very meticulous).

Halloween decorations are all around my work now! It’s fun. This will be my first Halloween party, and considering I’ve been in Canada for 9 years now, really doesn’t have an excuse. Also the first year I’m doing more than a token costume. I hope to get a good photo of me on the day and post it here!

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