ToL #1 05: The Boy Who Loves

ToL #1 05: The Boy Who Loves

Puppy dog eyes are Clou’s speciality.

As the post on the front says, I saw Skyfall last Friday. Really fun! Go see it. Here we’re coming out of the long weekend for Remembrance Day, and I had a really good weekend. Fixed my YLOD’d PS3, and spent time working on this here comics!

I had a part (waaay ahead, in the transcript) that was totally stumping me. Just a combination of major plot-points vs. contrivance. It’s a tricky balance! After all, certain things need to happen for the plot to progress, but to make them happen in a believable fashion is the trick. Character motivations need to stay real, and I hate cheap, stupid, throw-away villains.

I hope you continue to enjoy, and there are great plans ahead!

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