ToC #2 13: White as Fate

ToC #2 13: White as Fate

Our first half-human. 🙂
Subtle as a brick, that Nav. Also thank you, Nav, for the exposition!

Nav attends the Ed school of bones in limbs. (Cowboy Bebop reference).

I’m working on a few improvements to the site, while I have the time now. I want to change the front-page navigation and also add a page that explains more about the world. It’s tricky, since I need the story to explain things, but I hear people enjoy reading more about worlds sometimes! So I’ll try to reveal enough to get a good foundations for the story, but not enough to spoil the tales!

Another thing I’m working on is getting some physical copies printed so that I may start going to cons and suchlike. I want a bit of swag, as well. I don’t like shirts or totes, ’cause I find usually these are poor quality. I’m trying to find creative ideas for swag that I would want, and therefore I hope others will, too. If you have any ideas, drop them off in the comments!

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