ToC #2 10: White as Fate

ToC #2 10: White as Fate

Interestingly (for me), this page had a lot more dialogue in the beginning.

As I was drawing it, though, I felt that really everything Gilad is thinking is pretty obvious, and if not obvious, then certainly can be imagined and inferred considering what he had just been through.

In other news, my grandmother passed away. I cried my tears for her. I guess that chapter in my life is closed now and at least her pain is finally gone. Her pain was like another person in the family, an abusive one that was a bad influence on us all. My parents can relax now, I hope, and continue their lives as they wish.

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  1. Rainey says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandma, even though I know this is from 2012. 🙁

    I really like the beggar’s font. It keeps him ~mysteriousssss~

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