ToC #8 Truth: Page 15

ToC #8 Truth: Page 15

Gonna beat the crap outta Gilad.

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2 Responses to ToC #8 Truth: Page 15

  1. Packbat says:

    Wait a second … this guy just decided that Altor being involved means screw it, we’re not doing the smuggling job, right?

    • Anat says:

      Either that, or they’ll tell their clients that they spilled the beans. I mean, if the renege now, they’ll have both Altor and the client pissed at them! So they’re in a tough spot, either way.
      EDIT: I actually edited a bit of the text on the page to make it clearer that the Blond is already here. 🙂 Thanks for helping me make it clearer!

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