ToC #7 5: The Jester

ToC #7 5: The Jester

Choosing the best option. Possibly not the best option.

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3 Responses to ToC #7 5: The Jester

  1. Packbat says:

    Hey, Gilad – look him up later. He seems like a guy who’ll be a friend. 😀

  2. Rattley says:

    And a really good rival if this is anything to go by. I actually get the impression that he could have easily defeated Gilad but chose to throw the match; possibly because of a distinct lack of ambition if I’m judging him correctly.

    I do want to know about that brace of his. Does he have metal foot? I ask because when he kicked Gilad the kick made a tang sound like it was made out of some form of metal.

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