ToC #5 9: Needlepoint

ToC #5 9: Needlepoint


It’s a bit strange that this page would fall on April 1st, but believe me, it’s no joke.

For the record, I hate pranks.

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3 Responses to ToC #5 9: Needlepoint

  1. Jahmir says:

    Personally, I blame the decline of Final Fantasy on the new generation of Square Enix big wig. On the squaresoft side, Six was the first game Hironobu Sakaguchi took a more backseat role, and it was with Seven that Tetsuya Nomura began to become more prominent. I don’t know much about the Enix side, but I do know that after the merger the Enix games certainly took a backseat to the FF games. Sure, we got 8 and 9, both really good games, but that’s only 2 games compared to FF’s X-2, Xl, Xll, Xll, Xll-2, Xll-3, and XlV (Two online games!) Obviously there has been a lot written about the decline of FF and Squeenix in general, but I’m opinion the blame falls mostly on the shoulders of the current head developers. Especially Tetsuya Nomura. I hate him so much for the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 15 (formally 13 Versus) fiascos. And his animesque artstyle really annoys me. All of his characters have spiky hair and effeminate faces – across the board. Argh!

    • Anat says:

      I agree that there is a direct correlation between Hironobu Sakaguchi and Tetsuya Nomura’s involvement and the quality of of the product. The connection is unmistakable. It’s strange to me that with the decline in reviews and sale and (correct me if I’m wrong) a general cry from the fans wanting a return to a more traditional formula, that they simply don’t listen or change their current approach. I could be wrong, and it could be they’re getting rave reviews in Japan and the sales are good, but I hear so much complaints from the fans– why don’t they address them? FF is supposed to be an RPG, not an Action/Adventure game with RPG elements.

      • Jahmir says:

        Well 13 and its sequels are pretty popular in Japan. Even Lightning, arguably the one of the flattest main characters in the FF series, is greatly popular over there. I think that SE wants to try new things, but the problem with attaching the FF name to experimental endeavors is that it will have to match up to previous games, which 13 did not do at all. Had it been a standalone game, I think it would have been better received. FF has a very strong legacy, and people come back to them because they know what to expect and are comfortable with what they’re usually given. 13 and its sequels didn’t do that, and SE is paying for it.

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