ToC #5 16: Needlepoint

ToC #5 16: Needlepoint

Hey, stamping a lot of things can be tough…?

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3 Responses to ToC #5 16: Needlepoint

  1. Mouse says:

    I’m officially intrigued! We met at VanCaf, though I think you’ll remember Anthony better than me 🙂 I was the girl in Yellow next to him. I’ll definitely be keeping up with Seraphim, if only for the Xenogears influences 😉

    • Anat says:

      I remember you both! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re liking Seraphim so far. You two were the only two to make the connection between Clou’s bang and Xenogears. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again.

  2. Reb says:

    hahaha! The comedy in this is gold.

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