ToC #5 14: Needlepoint

ToC #5 14: Needlepoint

5’7″ is still taller than I am…

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2 Responses to ToC #5 14: Needlepoint

  1. packbat says:

    In my bare feet, it’s also taller than I am.

    Also, Gilad has much to learn. Someone with as few friends as Altor wouldn’t want to give any of them up. (That said, if he really thinks that Gilad will die if not driven off….)

    • Anat says:

      Altor’s not the easiest person to make friends with, and it must be hard for the abrasive man to keep’em. I’m sure Gilad is pretty stumped as to why a person like Vessa would even be friends with a person like Altor!

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