ToC #3 02: Bandage

ToC #3 02: Bandage

2013 has started interestingly… I love my grandma on January, my job in February, got really sick in March… April so far has been calm… SO FAR. *suspicious*

If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking at the NEW and very slightly but importantly improved Seraphim. You might have noticed the new header image and a bit of cleaning and changing of the colors and formats of the pages. There’s still some work to do, so don’t mind my running about while you’re reading.

If you are here, you’re looking at something that might have been lost forever. My awesome brother saved the day. Let me explain:

You see, the hosting service I was using until now was fantastic most of the time (Thanks, FatCow!), but I bought the three years of hosting, well, three years ago. I was working at a place that paid well and I decided to invest in good hosting. The hosting runs out at the end of this month, and seeing as I lost my job a couple of months ago, I cannot afford to renew it.

That’s where my brother comes in! When I asked him if he knew of a cheaper alternative, he offered his own server for free! It’s a sad truth that had he not, Seraphim would have simply vanished from the surface of the internet. All four of my readers would have been momentarily sad! I couldn’t have that. So there you go. My brother is an awesome, kind man who saved his little sister’s doodles. 😀

That’s the moral of the story, folk; be kind to your siblings and they will be kind to you. Thanks bro! You’re the best.

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