ToC #2 08: White as Fate

ToC #2 08: White as Fate

This place is a dump.

In the transcript there was another line, Gilad says, “I guess you don’t need much in the way for decor.”

So with Gilad’s day going from bad to worse, my year is starting off ok. How ’bout yours? A lot of these pages were supposed to be drawn and painted and finished last month over the Christmas break. I don’t know why I thought I had forever when I only had a week off, but in the end work was looming large and I had not drawn a single page. So not I’m behind my buffer by a lot. ^_^;; Well, no worries. I still have a good amount of time, and I’m working hard to assure that I maintain a good buffer. Oh, and I also got sick, which delayed me even more. I’m about a month ahead now, which isn’t a whole lot.

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