ToC #2 07: White as Fate

ToC #2 07: White as Fate

YES. When he would dream of becoming a great knight, a beggar is exactly what he has in mind. /sarcasm.

And really, the story begins.

There’s a bad case of that flu going around in the office right now, and while I think I remained strong for a while at least, it seems to have gotten me after all. I’m coming down with something! Blarg.

Did you notice that heroes don’t often get colds, or a bad stomach bug or anything? They also never ever stop the action to go to the bathroom. The reason is simple, of course; no one wants to read about it!

I’m working on a ‘About the World’ page for Seraphim. I hope to have it up soon. If you have an opinion about ‘About the World’ pages, please do let me know! I’m curious if anyone really reads them, and if you feel that it could detract or add to the reading experience. A story should stand on its own, right? I wouldn’t want to read too many stories that require an essay’s worth of reading in advance to enjoying it.

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2 Responses to ToC #2 07: White as Fate

  1. Stig Hemmer says:

    I love the last panel. Such a brilliant “mixed feelings” face.

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