ToC #1 02: The Boy Who Does Not Bow

ToC #1 02: The Boy Who Does Not Bow

Whoa! This is technically the first update, as the first page proper was uploaded when the site went live.

Welcome, then! I’m excited that it’s starting…! Nervous, too. This is quite the undertaking, and I hope you’ll enjoy.

Halloween is coming up… Didn’t this year just start? I can’t believe Christmas decorations were out at Costco the other day… Seems like the year just started. The first year I’ve been employed from January to December straight. Gotta love the games industry! Still, I’m thankful for my current employer; they’ve been more than kind and fair with me. I moved a lot of jobs for a longest time, so it’s nice to be someplace where I’m a permanent employee. At least as permanent as any games industry job can be in this climate.

Enough about that, though! I was to start writing my blog, too. I’m going to wait perhaps a few posts before I start ranting about things…

If you’re reading this far then you’re probably tenacious. Let me ask you, then, what sort of thing do you enjoy in a webcomic? Wallpapers? Specials? Cast pages? What do you like to do after you’ve read the post of the day? Answer in the comments, if you’re around!

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