ToC #1 05: The Boy Who Does Not Bow

ToC #1 05: The Boy Who Does Not Bow

He has opinions. This knight is not very nice, it seems.

Just coming out of the long weekend, and let me tell you, I needed it. Caught up on more than just sleep and comics, and got to see Skyfall! (See front-page blog for my opinions of that). I also got to go get my beloved PS3 repaired from its YLOD. I really missed it! It was my movie center and music hub all rolled into one!

A while ago my roommate (Cadistra, for those who know her) pointed out that there was a discarded old stereo down by the garbage. This thing was old, it has two cassette bays, for goodness sake! The plastic was a little busted and the metal a little dented. We didn’t have a stereo, and it had two large speakers and a auxiliary port. What the hell, right? We brought it up to the apartment and what a surprise, one of the speakers wasn’t working. Upon closer investigation I found that it was the type of connection that just pinches down the wires– you know the type? I stripped the wires and replugged it in.

It’s been over 5 years and that thing belts out some sweet tunes! It pays to be resourceful. And cheap. Back then we were poorer, so being cheap was a must.

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