ToC #1 04: The Bow Who Does Not Bow

ToC #1 04: The Bow Who Does Not Bow


It’s been crazy with work, and I say I gotta respect those people who manage to have a prolific, 3-page a week webcomic or even a consister 1 or 2 pages a week for a long period of time. It eats into an already insane life.

I checked, and on a good weekend run I can produce 5 simple pages or 2-3 intricate pages. I think I might be able to keep up this pace of two pages a week and have a life. It actually doesn’t take too long to make a page, especially since I’m so lazy with my backgrounds. Just wait until you see my perspective work! It’ll make you want to tear your eyes out.

Not much to go on so far, but so much more in the wings!

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