ToL #3 07: Bittersweet

ToL #3 07: Bittersweet

Clou is used to being cold, and so long as he is not observed/not thinking about it, he’s graceful!

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  1. Stig Hemmer says:

    In a reply on an earlier page, you asked what I thought about Bergemont. I am answering here for the enjoyment of other readers.

    I didn’t really notice him before the “non-gift exchange” scene. That in itself is bad. If he had been a friend, he would have helped Clou with the bullies. However, there may have been reasons for that.

    However, the gift thing was just blatantly bad. Using the promise of a gift to get what you want is manipulation. Refusing Clou’s gift makes it totally obvious and is not exactly friendly.

    In fact it is so transparent that Clou has to be pretty desperate for a friend not to see through it.

    • Anat says:

      I used to be like that. I would hang out with friends who obviously didn’t care much for me, just because I had no other friends. I would justify their behaviours to myself, and always let them get away with it. Poor Clou is a bit of me, there… Thanks for sharing your thoughts! What about Becker? How do you feel about him?

      • Stig Hemmer says:

        Becker… I’m conflicted about him. He seems like an unkind man. But they live in an unkind world, and Clou must frustrate him a LOT.

        The phrase “hard but fair” comes to mind.

        I suspect that if anybody else attacked Clou, he would defend him. “An insult to my squire is an insult to me.” sort of thing.

        I don’t really know enough about him to form any firm judements yet.

        • Anat says:

          Thanks! I always enjoy reading your reviews because they’re well thought out and presented. <3 It helps me understand how the reader sees the characters. Thanks! If you ever have any questions for me, feel free to ask! You've answered both questions I asked! 😀

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