April Update

Hey, readers!

Glad you’re here. šŸ˜€ I’m always glad you’re here! The last couple of months have seen some changes in my life, including my going back to school. I’m taking Business Accounting! Just like most Webcomic artists dream to do. Why am I learning this, of all things? Because I if I can understand financials, I can understand, hopefully, how to make Seraphim even better in the back end. The dream of doing a comic full time is achieved by only few people, but running it at the least amount of loss is a much more feasible dream.

When I’m done my education I hope to open a freelancing business where I help other creative types sort their numbers. I haven’t met many exciting accountants in my life, and I want to be the fun accountant who is nerdy and exciting and helps take the burden of numbers off the plates of those who hate them. I’m a strange mix, I am.

When I was little, my parents always told me about this company they always wanted to form called “Art and Technology”, using my father’s tech-savvy with my mom’s artistic flair. They never did do anything with it. But here I am, in a way a product of Art and Technology. An artist who has built her own computers since she was 15, an organizer and manager of people who uses it to play D&D, a lover of Excel sheets making webcomics. I call myself a dreamer in the body of a realist. So if you’re a fellow webcomic/comicsĀ artist, a creative freelance or an entrepreneur, keep coming signage2015to this space and I’ll announce once I’m done my course and be open to helping others! Timeframe is around less than a year. While I have a completion date of next February (just in time for the next tax season!) I hope to be finished sooner.

It’s a good sign on my heath that I’m back to school, so any of you who have been following these blogs and heard that my heath was suffering, you can know now that I’m doing better. I’m not 100% yet, and it’s been a humongous, difficult and long road, but each day is a step forward, even the days where it feels like a step back.


I’m also preparing for VanCAF! I’ve created a new sign for my table! This is exciting since the old was actually just a folded piece of paper with the word “Seraphim” written on it. The new one is wooden, with folding legs to hold it up that I built myself. I love feeling like I’ve created something useful from scratch. It’s such a satisfying feeling. Ā The picture doesn’t do it justice. But going along with my brown tablecloth (not shown in the picture) I hope it’ll give it all a vintage feel that’s satisfying. The old one was getting kind of ratty and bent after only 2 conventions.

VanCAF should be a delight this year. I’ll be tabling with at least one friend and it’ll be the first time I’ll be using both the sign above and the large banner. I didn’t use it at Tsukino Con since it’s so bulky to carry. Perhaps, if I get in for next year’s, I’ll bring it along.

It’s always such an internal fight. I always feel like my stuff just isn’t good enough, and that any seat I take at a convention could be occupied by someone far more talented, but I also know I’m my own worst critic, and that my art is better than some, and worse than some and it’ll always be that way.

I hope to see you at this year’s VanCAF (May 23rd, 24th)! Don’t worry, I’ll be spamming a lot more about in the coming weeks!

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