New Year Announcements: Seraphim Store, Guest Art

Happy new year!

I hope you celebrated responsibly and have started off this exciting new year on the right foot. storenvywebassset

As part of my continuing work on Seraphim, I have officially opened a Storenvy store! It’s official!

At the moment you can purchase all the chapters (up to chapter 5) in physical format, as well as grab one of the limited edition signed posters, printed to order.

I figured since I’m on the waiting list for VanCAF and don’t know if I’ll attend any other convention other than Tsukino-Con in Victoria this year, I’d give you guys another way you obtain my comics, should you want to. I ship internationally and hope you enjoy looking around!

In case ye missed it, there’s a new page to look at on the top, here! It’s a Fanart page! While some of it is more ‘guest art’ than ‘fan art’, I’m still super stocked to have some amazing pieces to show you from some internet personas! I’m so happy to have them! If you’re inspired and drew one of my characters, send it my way and I might just display it alongside.

Again, happy new year, and let this be the year only of love and courage!


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