Seraphim is Two Years Old!

Hello, everyone!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the unfolding of the story thus far. Today marks the second anniversary of Seraphim. A ton has happened to be since then! Considering how much, I’m surprised it’s Banner_Small_sampleonly been two years.

With the shift in my career goals, I have a lot more time to work on the comics, and I think anyone visiting me next convention will see this. I’ve put a ton of work into prepping for next convention and having better products. I’m not talking merchandise (only), but also fixing the older issues and bringing all current issues (chapters 0 to 5) up to code so that they can be printed and sold. The banner you see to the right will hopefully be minorly tweaked and then printed large for my con booth. I’m pretty proud of it, myself!

Don’t be mistaken by the above to think that I’ve in some way gotten enough money to work on Seraphim full time. However, my current freelance Excel, Resume and Interview Prep business leaves me with much more time to work on it that my old office jobs did. Especially since I have so few clients! Heheheh… If any of you reading this are in need of an ‘income and costs’ Excel spreadsheet with tons of automation, let me know! And if you don’t, now more than ever please consider joining my Patreon. If you like Seraphim and want some sweet backer only content– join!

What’s upcoming for Seraphim?

Well, I’ve been slowly increasing the amount of pages I try to generate per month. If I manage to comfortably get to 16 (or if a miracle happens and my Patreon really goes nuts) then I’ll start updating 4 times a week. That would be really challenging, but if I can do it (financially, physically or time-wise) then I want to do it. It would mean two updates a week from each story, and would means that the story could be told that much faster. I don’t want to compromise what quality is in there, so that’s the tricky part.

In terms of conventions, I’m slowly slowly expanding my circle of cons I go to. It’s really a financial matter, and my current Patreon allows me to even consider it. I’m applying to two conventions this year, Tsukino Con in Victoria BC and the Vancouver Comics Arts Festival (VanCAF) which I attended last year. Next year I want to try to apply to Calgary Fan Expo, too! It was already sold out by the time I made my mind up on willing to spend that much money. It’s the most expensive for me in terms of travel as well as the cost of the table. If you know of a convention you think my small comics would do well at, let me know!

As I mentioned above, I’m working to get volumes 3-5 ready for the printers, so that I can have them available at said conventions. I’ve also gone back and fixed a lot of layout and spelling errors so don’t be surprised if you check out an old page you clearly remember having a mistake, and it’s gone! I’m still uploading the bulk of the fixes. There were many.

The future of the story is just around each page. We’ll get to learn more about Clou’s true strength and the personality he hides behind his meek demeanor. He’ll have to decide if he truly doesn’t exist, or if he must force his opinion on others, even if it means at the point of his blade. What is a life worth to him? Gilad has some of his greatest challenges ahead when his very life ends up on the line, and when his strong notions of Good and Evil are challenged.

The Journey Thus Far

Two years ago today I posted chapter 0 “That Fated Meeting, Long Awaited”, and in a way the title refers to me. I’ve been working on the story of Seraphim for over 10 years at that point, and to have the first few pages online felt truly destiny altering. The boy who loves, with his soft purple eyes and secret power, and the boy who does not bow, with his bright piercing eyes that would accept nothing less than the truth.  They both have a lot to grow, and both need a hug from time to time, but they’re both my babies and both precious to me.

Two years ago today I pressed that button, knowing I am signing a contract with whomever chooses to invest their time into this. Signing a contract saying “I will continue this to the best of my abilities so long as I am capable of doing so.” I’ve learned so much since then. I’ve learned a bit more about making comics with each page. I would like to think my art has improved some from those first few pages of Chapter 0. I learned about myself. I’ve learned that even two years of not missing an update is something to be proud of. Many people have ideas, but those ideas are only ephemera if they don’t actually put in the work to make it a reality. So even if my readership is small, I’m making my dreams come true with my own two hands. It could be that Seraphim never becomes financially viable, but it’s not so much the goal, but the journey to it. I love drawing (almost) each and every page for it. I love getting feedback from the occasional fan. I love going to conventions and seeing even one person excited about my work, or inspired to make their own because of it, whether they knew of Seraphim beforehand or not.

So if you’ve been reading Seraphim since the beginning, or recently started, I thank you. I thank you for choosing to spend your precious time with these two worlds I’ve created. I thank you for being here on the journey with me, as I will continue to thank you on this day every year.

Thank you.

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