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From a side project I’m in; The Inheritance

I hope you’re all doing good. Thought I’d give an update of “stuff”.

Firstly, I have to gush that my Patreon has beat THREE milestones! Aaaaah! I have so much work to do! I thought it’d take a very long time to get where I am currently at, so I’m so excited and honored and humbled to be where I am now so quickly. I owe you guys a bonus story arc and to my backers I owe a special thank you video and wallpapers for PC and mobile.

Do you have any suggestions as to who you’d like to see a bonus story arc about?

Next I should say that this is a good time for me to work on extra things, as I am currently unemployed again. ^_^;; Yup! One thing led to another and that great opportunity I had didn’t pan out. I won’t get into it here. Still, it’s not all bad. Canada is a kind country and summer’s here. I hope to get a good summer out of all this! It just makes my Patreon patrons all the more precious to me– you’re helping more than you can imagine! I hope to get more content pumped out and to fix up the website a little, although I wish I knew more CSS to make it look like I actually want it to look.

Most of you probably don’t know that I’m part of a cool side project called The Inheritance. It’s a round-robin comic. It’s myself and five others. It’s a modern day fantasy story that is told step by step, each of us not knowing what the next artist will do! You can find it on Deviant Art: or here:

I wanted to thank you all again for reading, commenting, speaking to me on Twitter (@kissless) and everything. I love telling this story and hearing from you, whether I see you in my Google Analytics or speaking to you or thanking you for a Patreon donation… I love it, and you’re my reward! So thank you!

In terms of Patreon rewards: The chapters will be uploaded in PDF format each time a chapter ends. The currently finished chapters are all uploaded, if I’m not mistaken. The video with commentary for the $10 reward tier is in the works. I have all the video, but the encoding is strange and Lightworks (my editing program) refuses to playback. I’m trying to find solutions so please bear with me.

Thanks, and if you have any questions about these recent developments, just drop me a line!

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