May or Maybe

Hey, readers!

Wanted to remind you all that I will be at VanCAF next weekend! May 24th -25th. I don’t 2014-05-13 21.23.03know my table number yet, but if you’re in Vancouver, come say hi! I will have the first three issues (Fated Meeting, then combining chapters 1 and 2 of each) available for sale, as well as an special free 2 page comics for Gilad and Clou! I’ll have awesome stickers and I’ll be pleased as punch to meet ye!

There are going to be some really cool artists there that I never got a chance to meet, like Erika Moen and Angela Melick. I respect them a lot and look forward to being able to shake their hand and support them in some small small way.

Other than that I’m starting a new job on Tuesday! O_O I’m super nervous, and honestly will miss the company of many of my current coworkers. But this sounds like a good opportunity, so here’s hopin’! I’m looking forward to the early hours and the project sounds uniquely interesting. The moment I learn if I can talk about it, I’ll let you know!

2014-05-12 14.46.09Where I’m working right now the commute home on the Skytrain is only 15 minutes. While it’s awesome to be at home so quickly, I found that my gaming and reading time has been greatly reduced because of it. While I was working downtown I once went through 9 books in a month! They were silly books (The Doctor Who new series novels), but still. In a way I’m looking forward to having some more ‘nothing’ time to stare out a window and muse and come up with story ideas and read and play my 3DS and PSP. The new commute it about 45 minutes. Poor PSP. I hardly ever play it! I’m looking forward to time to finish Bravely Default and maybe actually starting Crisis Core.

I realized at lunch today that pretty much 100% of my free time and thoughts have gone towards preparing for VanCAF for months now! I’ve been fussing with the prints, the short free stories give aways, this and that… What will I think about when this is done?


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