Patreon Campaign is a go!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:


My Patreon page!

Holy crap! I’m excited.

If you don’t know what a Patreon is, then watch the video! The idea is that it’s sort of like a monthly Kickstarter. If you like Seraphim and would like to have a closer connection to it or if you would simply like to cheer me on and support my endeavors, then you can go to the Patreon site and donate monthly. You can donate however much you’re comfortable with, and I assure you that any dollar would be massively delighting to me. Like Kickstarters, there are rewards for donating, so take a look!

It’s taken about a month to bring all this together, what with my full-time job and the constant quota of comics to make. It started with listening to a ‘best practices’ blog online, then the more I thought about it, the more I thought I should give this a try. I started asking coworkers about filming things, got advice not only about how to do it, but also who to ask. I learned that good lighting and good audio can pretty much make any project present better on film. When I asked for advice of yet another employee who had a camera with him that day, he volunteered to help! I really appreciate his help. He stayed late at work with me one evening and we spent a couple of hours getting the footage done.

I definitely am not comfortable in front of a camera anymore! In my youth I acted in some student films, but then puberty hit and I became self-conscious and my acting skills went down the drain.

My coworker even set up a separate microphone to capture the audio, so it’s nice and clear. What we didn’t count on was the air vent right above the spot we chose to film at! The audio was pretty much unusable from either microphone (too quiet) nor the camera mic (air vent). So what you’re seeing is actually all ADR’d! (That means I had to voice-over/lipsync my own lips). Considering I’ve never done that before, I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

Editing took me a couple of weeks to get through. I’ve done some very basic editing in college, but haven’t touched video editing in about ten years. Researching online, I decided to use Lightworks, as they are a professional-level editing suite with a free version of their software available for all. The limitation of the free version is the export quality cap, YouTube quality being the best, but that was perfect for me!

I tried to keep the video short and sweet, while telling you guys about me and the ‘product’ if you will. I was struggling with trying to show myself as professional and friendly. It was really important to me to not come off as arrogant or too shy. In the end I just went with what felt most like… Me. Whatever that is.

During those weeks I also tried to research other successful Patreons that I liked, seeing what donations were most popular and what rewards. I hope you like the results of that research!

I would love it if you shared this with your friends, and I’m pleased as punch that you’re even reading this. Here’s hoping Seraphim can become an even bigger part of my life, and of yours!

I guess this is also a good spot to mention that I will have a table at VanCAF this year, so stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood. I should have a modest amount of physical copies of the first three chapters for sale there.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me!

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