Update: March 14th

Heya, readers!

I hope you’re enjoying yourselves! I figured I haven’t written in a while and since I’m a terrible blogger who never knows what to actually talk about, I thought I’d just give you an update on what I’m reading, enjoying and doing with my time.


A friend at work recommended the Nightangel trilogy and I’m slowly going through it. I NightANgellike it a lot. I always knew the “Boy studying to become an assassin” has been done, but it’s cool to see the different takes on it. Politics seems to be playing a major role here and the characters so far are cool, although the name Durzo Blint just bugs me! Blint? Is it like Clint when you have a cold? I wonder if the names I give my characters sound as silly to other people… I’ve said them in my head for so many years now, they’re more familiar to me than my own name.


I gotta say I LOVED the new Lego Movie! It was brilliant start to finish. It had honest laughs that were well timed and delivered. They hit the emotional points each and every time and I, as a child of the 80’s, felt the Lego love. I actually had to remove the 3D glasses


at one point to wipe tears of laughter from my face, and I’m not the type of person who laughs easily. The message of the story is both touching and true, and I really felt it resonate with me and the direction Lego and children’s toys are going these days. It was kid-friendly but not dumbed down, and I think the jokes will survive the test of time and remain funny. If you love/loved Lego and haven’t seen it yet, DO. You’ll laugh harder at it
than most comedies these days.


I also got a new phone! My stupid three year plan finally ended and I could upgrade my beloved, but dated Nexus S with a brand new LG G2. I’m the type of person who doesn’t invest in new technology unless I understand it at least peripherally. When I bought my Sony eReader two years ago I spent a couple of days learning how they work and what constitutes a “good” screen. So when it came time to upgrade I had my heart set on the current king of smartphones, the HTC One. I was determined to get it! My husband then mentioned something about the LG G2, and I dismissed it. Then, of course, I started to do the research. While I don’t talk on the phone or text much at all (maybe twice a day texts, and once every few days call), having the phone with me makes me feel safe. Hence, a really good battery life if really important to me. On top of that, I also am a hobbyist photographer, and like snapping pictures of clouds and interesting colors/textures as I traverse my city. So after researching this HTC One vs. LG G2 (Game of Phones. lol) article for far too long, my opinion was changed and I decided to go with the LG. I really do like it a lot!

Picture I took on the Nexus S during my trip to New Hampshire last June.

Picture I took on the Nexus S during my trip to New Hampshire last June. With such beauty before me, taking a decent picture was hardly a challenge.

A co-worker who’s a professional photographer on the side said that considering I take my pictures with a “potato” phone (that’s what he calls things that he considers crap), that I’m a half-decent photographer!

Hey! Maybe that’s what I’ll start posting on here! I don’t know if you guys will get sick of seeing so many clouds and leaves, but it’ll be something fun for me to post and get opinions on.

Hope the rising sun finds you smiling. “Light your path. Light, your path.”

(Sun Order; perhaps they should start worshiping the Oxford comma instead).

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