The Balance of Years

Happy new year, readers!

2013 was a tough year for me, but I pushed through it with my most of me intact. I managed to continue this comics through it all without missing an update and that’s something, I suppose. I went through a bout of depression, but I hope I kept all my friends the right distance through that. I lost the first job in which I felt like part of a team. I really didn’t see the layoff coming, and as a person who plans and predicts constantly, that threw me for a loop. Now I’m starting again in a new place, trying to be part of a team, trying to make people understand who I am. It involves a lot of arguing with the CEO, so here’s hoping I keep this this job for a bit of time.

I lost contact with a few this year, but I guess it takes two to tango and I suppose that’s what they wanted. But I also made a step to make someone really amazing a closer friend, so I hope she and I continue on that path.

I’ve lost one game of D&D, which meant losing another team I was part of, but I made a new team and a new game and it’s working really well so far.

I lost my grandmother, but got to meet and be with my little nephew for the first time in his life.

Remember that everything balances, but not always how you expect. Remember that the only thing you control is what you do and how you react. Remember that words have power and can lift someone up or cut them down. Be mindful, be thoughtful and learn who you are, that’s the best advice I can give anymore. Know who you are.

Love and may the coming year be the very best!


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2 Responses to The Balance of Years

  1. Stig Hemmer says:

    Happy new year! Good Luck with the new job!

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