My Questions to You

I know at this stage in my storytelling and the young age of the comic, that I don’t have many readers.

However, I wanted to ask those who are reading some questions! Feel free to answer through @kissless on Twitter, or simply here in the comments!

  1. Do you read both stories? Or do you only follow either Gilad or Clou?
  2. If you read or have read both stories, which one do you like better, and why?
  3. Did you read the About the World section? Do you like/read stuff like cast pages and world descriptors?
  4. What are your first impressions of the main characters, Gilad and Clou?
  5. What are your impressions of knight Becker and knight Altor?
  6. Any other passing impressions or thoughts? I wanna hear’em!

Thanks for your time, and next week we’ll get back to blogging!

Me out.

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2 Responses to My Questions to You

  1. Stig Hemmer says:

    Aw, lets not everybody start shouting at once.

    I certainly read both stories. I like them both. I refuse to pick one to call worse than the other.

    About the World? Cast pages? … eh… I guess I should look at them. In my experience from other comics, those pages tend to be bad. I have stopped looking at them, sorry.

    … reading …

    I have been missing out. You have really put some thought into your world and your characters’ place in it! (I also learned how to pronounce Clou)

    My first impression of Gilad was not good. Too angry and aggressive by far. But my opinion has changed. Both because I now understand WHY he was like that and also because he has matured after getting his knight. He seems determined to make this work and I admire him for that.

    Clou tugged on my heartstrings from page two. I like him and I feel sorry for him and wish I could help him. But I can’t. So I will just be sitting here on the sidelines and cheering him on.

    That covers my impression of them as *people*, but as a seasoned reader I also have impressions of them as *characters* and parts of the narrative.

    Here Gilad is clearly the best. He has several sides to him and they come together to make a three-dimensional character who *acts*.

    Clou is less developed (so far). He is basically Love Personified and that is that. He is also a type of person who *reacts* rather than acts, which makes him less interesting from a literary point of view (to me). So far, the story has just started.

    The knights are less developed and we really don’t know enough about them to say much yet. But that’s all right, the stories aren’t about them.

    Sir Becker is a strict teacher. At first I considered him TOO strict and stern for poor Clou, who is effectively his adopted son. However, as the story has unfolded, I see that he has his reasons. Then he brought home the buns and my heart melted. 🙂

    Sir Altor is more of a mystery. We haven’t seen much of him. He too is strict and stern, but that seems a good match for Gilad. There is a saying that pain is the best teacher, so Gilad must certainly be learning much.

    In a non-Magickal world the abuse he heaps on Gilad would have caused permanent maiming, but I suspect a mixture of Magick and cartoon physics will save him from that.

    There has been hints that sir Altor has an interesting back story that I am very much looking forward to hearing more about.

    Other thoughts… no, I think this about covers it.

    • Anat says:

      That is fantastic feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all this. You should know (and this is for everyone who comments) that your feedback does affect the story! While I know where I want to take the story, and I have ‘fixed points in the time’ to use a Doctor Who terminology, how I get to those points is flexible. I want the journey to be enjoyable, so feedback like this really gets understand what the reader is thinking and is invaluable to be. Thanks, Stig Hemmer!

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