Digging Through Old Art #2: Life Drawings

Welcome to the second of three weeks of Anat digging through some old art she’d like to share with you!

Today you’ll have the “delight” or “pleasure”, if you will to take a gander at some of my old life-drawing sketches. I am quite proud of most of these. I find life-drawing a delight and really really really wish I could take more of it. I find it the #1 tool to understanding how to observe, which in my opinion is the most important skill for any artist.

The black and white ones I did in college, which was… in 2004? Man, I’m old. The two orange ones are from earlier this year. Somehow I feel almost like I had gotten worse. 🙂 I was in college for Game Design, so it was really great of them to introduce us to all disciplines; we did equal measures scripting and art, design and production.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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