Skyfall was great!

Past Friday my husband and I went to see Skyfall. I have to say right off the bat that I really enjoyed it!

Oh, those eyes /swoon

I grew up watching James Bond movies on TV and even in the theatre. I’m too young to have seen the Sean Connery ones in the theatres, but you betcha my mother and I would sit down and watch them on VHS. When Pierce Brosnan became Bond I really got into the fandom and started reading many of the books. I loved how vulnerable and human Ian Fleming made the characters in many of the stories (I’m thinking especially about For Your Eyes Only, the book). Maybe that’s why I really connected with Daniel Craig as the latest Bond. Those dreamy ice-blues don’t hurt any, either. 😉


Skyfall was powerful and interesting throughout, unlike Quantum of Solace, which I didn’t care much for. I heard it being called ‘The best Bond movie yet’, and while I say it was fantastically done, I still ike Casino Royale better. I want to say more, but I don’t want to spoil. I’ll say this; I love it when the main character gets really badly hurt. Western movies usually have such an aversion showing the main character vulnerable or injured, that I love seeing it when the pull it off well.


The villain is just brilliant. I liked him a lot. He has this condescending grace that makes him a great counter to James’ blunt and straightforward approach. I guess it’s something I always liked about James Bond. While he always was a womanizer (and in the old movies, a chauvinistic pig at times), he always won women over by… well… being himself. He very rarely actually lied to them, if I remember correctly. However poorly his relationships often ended, he usually started them honestly, even if he never intended it to be more than a one-night-stand. It’s interesting that if he was a woman, she would not be considered ‘ow, such a charmer’, but much worse words would be applied to her.


Anyway, back to the villain; I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I thought he was really great and you enjoyed hating him, which is so important for any good villain.

The whole relationship with M is also explored in this movie (I’m not spoiling it! It’s in the synopsis) and it’s another topic I adore. Those two and their dysfunctional love for each other is just the best.

Go see it! It’s just a Bond adventure like the ones that made you love Bond from the beginning! Tell me what you thought of it. 😀

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