Welcome to Seraphim!

This is a big project I’m looking to undertake, and I hope you’ll choose to join me for the ride. This is a special day for me for a few reasons! My niece is born to day, and a new project is born as well.

This is a story of love, courage, time, space, life and death… It’s a story of growing up, of giving up and stepping up.

In a way, it’s my story.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

To get you started, let me explain how it works: You have the prologue, “That Fated Meeting, Long Awaited” and then the story splits into two stories, the Tale of Courage and the Tale of love. These two can be read concurently, even though they are different tales set at different times. They are set in the same universe at different times of this alternate-Earth’s history (and future?).

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