Seraphim is Going On Break!

Seraphim is Going On Break!

Ladies and gentlemen, after four years of none-stop updates (haven’t missed one!) I think Clou and I deserve a break. Gilad’s chapter 10 will also end, and then his story will take a break, also!

I know that a small-time comics like this needs momentum, and that stopping for a bit isn’t beneficial for the comics’ success, but I, myself, needed it to rest and recharge!

During this time I will rest up and put thought into if I want to continue Seraphim. I do love the project, but you know how life is. There will be a larger blog post when Gilad’s story wraps up chapter 10. For now, don’t worry; it’s an hiatus, and my love of these two isn’t going anywhere yet!

Seraphim is 4 years old!

Today Seraphim turns 4 years old. How exciting is that? I can’t believe it’s been that long.

At approximately 104 pages a year, Seraphim has something along the lines of 416 pages currently on the site. More or less.

And to think, I haven’t even introduced the whole cast, yet.

I hope you’ll stick with me for another year full of mythical, fantastical adventures across two times!

Thanks for the long-time readers who have cheered me on the whole way, and thank you for the new readers, who are turning their heads in my direction.